My Story

“I was born with crayons in my hands”. That’s what I always say when someone asks how I got into framing and my artistic pursuits.  At the wise age of 14, I remember falling in love with Picasso, then Van Gogh and the whole post-impressionist movement. Those influences opened my eyes and mind to a love of ‘making things’ which eventually led me to my career and life’s work.

After studying Creative Art at Sheridan College in Oakville, I set-up my first studio on March 1st 1978 on Church Street in Oakville where the rent was $495 a month.  I remember worrying about how I would pay this outrageous sum; how times have changed!  I have fond memories of that studio where I served my customers, many of whom I still work with today. We even had a house portrait artist in those days - a street artist that I invited in one day.  He never really left and stayed on with me for many years as a kindred spirit.

I remember my first framing job.  At the time, I had no idea it would become my passion and life’s work. In many ways, my customers have become family and friends, coming back to me for their framing needs over the years. I’ve served three generations of families in Oakville and surrounding areas. I like to say - my youngest client is 3 and my oldest client is 93.  I’ve framed original art, watercolors, oil paintings, and photographs, family portraits, custom art - both local and well-known international artists - family mementos and one of my favourites - silk screens created in Japan. I can frame anything.

I love what I do and I hope to continue serving the Oakville community, creating custom one-of-a-kind framed pieces that will be cherished and enjoyed for generations to come. I just celebrated 41 years and survived many ups and downs - and now a pandemic! 

Thanks for your continued loyalty and support.  


Heather Greening